WSYR TV reports on new CXtec environmental-friendly packaging (video)

  • Apr 18, 2018


SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - CXtec is not only celebrating 40 years in business, the company is finding new ways to be environmentally friendly.

The company started in 1978 in the home of founder William Pomeroy and has grown into the largest secondary market hardware provider in North America.

With four decades in the books, the company continues to innovate and has found greener ways for packaging and shipping its products based on customers feedback.

Greg Duda is the Director of CXtec's Technology and Certification Center on Ainsley Drive in Syracuse.

Duda tells NewsChannel 9, "A lot of the feedback we got from them was that our old packaging was heavier and bulkier.  So we worked with our suppliers and try to get something that was more smaller and easier for them to handle and we got it."

The company has been able to reduce the size of packing material used inside its boxes to keep the hardware safe.

It has also then allowed them to shrink the sizes of the cardboard boxes these products are shipped in to customer while still maintaining safe delivery of the hardware.

Duda says, "A lot of times its worrisome when you realize that we're going to ship an expensive, high value item and use a smaller box, the first reaction can be wow is that going to be safe but then when you do it it actually makes sense."

With all the cardboard CXtec gets, they now either bale it on site so it can be recycled or shredded it there so it can be used in packaging as filler material instead of those pesky packing peanuts.

"With more efficient packaging means smaller boxes so if you're shipping smaller boxes you're getting less freight costs, so really all and all we're able to save costs on the shipping while still protecting the product for our customers, so its a win win."  Duda says.

Ultimately a win for Mother Earth too, they say.