Introducing Lifetime Warranty on All Fully Configured Server and Storage Offerings

  • Aug 6, 2019

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – CXtec now offers a lifetime warranty with an advance replacement for all fully configured equal2new® server and storage solutions. The lifetime warranty is supported through CXtec’s equal2new certified pre-owned IT infrastructure hardware offerings.

“Since we started offering the equal2new brand in 1995, our process has helped organizations save millions on the cost of their technology hardware infrastructures,” said Peter Belyea, CXtec chief executive officer. “We’re proud to have the financial stability to offer this industry-leading warranty on server and storage solutions.”

The lifetime warranty provides advanced replacement throughout the hardware's lifetime. It will allow high-quality equipment backed by financial reserves and access to manufacturer-trained technical support staff.

The equal2new brand also provides product management expertise for planning support, a huge inventory of equal2new products with same-day shipping, and huge savings off manufacturer list prices.

“The lifetime warranty on all fully configured equal2new server and storage solutions offers top-of-the-industry quality products, with a warranty that is longer and stronger than the competitors,” said Frank Kobuszewski, vice president of the CXtec Technology Solutions Group.

CXtec’s lifetime warranty on all fully configured server and storage solutions will maximize your investment to ensure quality and support throughout the life cycle of your infrastructure.

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About CXtec

Since its inception in 1978, CXtec has delivered value and support in new and certified pre-owned, voice, and cable infrastructure, including its own brand of equal2new®, certified pre-owned equipment. As divisions of CXtec: CABLExpress® manufactures data center cabling products, including the Skinny-Trunk® Solution; and Atlantix Global provides responsible methods of streamlining the IT and data center through a decommission process that maximizes ROI, saves time, and ensures 100% data security for every asset.

CXtec’s headquarters and its Technology Certification and Distribution Center are located in Syracuse, N.Y. For more information, visit