CXtec commemorates 40 years of growth, seeks to redefine IT strategies

  • Mar 14, 2018

SYRACUSE NY -- What started out as a home business 40 years ago has grown into North America’s largest secondary market hardware provider today.

CXtec helps its customers redefine their information technology strategies by providing complete life cycle management services. These offerings allow customers to discover exceptional value at every stage of their technology investments and focuses on four key areas: hardware, services, maintenance, and asset disposition.

Offering customers exceptional value has always been an essential component of the company’s mission.

“Our core values define who we are and how we do business,” said Peter Belyea, President and CEO. “These are the beliefs by which we guide our actions, set our direction, and plan for our future every day.”

He should know. Belyea, who added CEO to his president’s title in 2016, is one of the longest tenured employees at the company, with 30 years of service.

“We all believe in the importance of honesty and integrity, in the benefits of teamwork, entrepreneurial spirit, investing in our future, and the importance of being committed to the community,” he added.

CXtec employees take great pride in supporting the community where they live, work, and play. The company donates over 400 hours of community support a year to several charitable organizations within Onondaga (NY) and Gwinnett (GA) counties.

It’s these virtues, along with the ability to adapt to the technology advancements within the industry, that have guided the company through four decades of growth.

1978: In the beginning...

Reliance Used Computer Corporation was founded in the home of William G. Pomeroy.

1980’s: Progress

In 1981 the company created its CABLExpress® division to help identify its growing business in IBM mainframe cables. By 1986, the company’s revenue first exceeded $1 million and, in 1988, network cable products were added to its product offering.

CABLExpress® is now a division of CXtec Inc., and continues to manufacturer high-performance cabling and data center infrastructure products, while also providing customers with structured cabling solutions.

1990’s: Innovation

In 1995 the company hit upon a technological innovation when it created its equal2new® brand of preowned networking hardware and voice equipment. CXtec promised that any preowned hardware its customers received would be equal to – or better than – new, and that promise still holds true today.

“CXtec customers have maximized the value of their technology investments with the brands CXtec refurbishes and guarantees,” said Frank Kobuszewski, Vice President of the Technology Solutions Group and leader of the equal2new program since its inception. "Over the years we have saved our customers millions of dollars on the cost of their technology infrastructure needs with our equal2new products.”


2000’s: Transformation

In 2004 the company officially changed its name to CXtec, as a hybrid of CABLExpress Technologies, to help demonstrate its focus on networking and voice hardware, as well as its cabling products.

In 2004 the company started NY Tech Summit, an educational event for IT and business professionals that focuses on technologies to help drive business value.

In 2009 CXtec transformed its Cisco Division into a sister company, TERACAI. TERACAI is dedicated to providing business-powered technologies that enable competitive advantages. TERACAI has grown and is now a Cisco Premier Certified Partner.

In 2009 CXtec also created RapidCare®, its third-party maintenance program. RapidCare® is a flexible, customizable solution to help right-size a company’s IT hardware support. RapidCare continues to offer cost-effective, reliable solutions to guarantee a customer’s hardware is protected. It’s priced up to 50-60 percent lower than Original Equipment Manufacturer’s support to save customers money.

2010’s: Expansion

In 2016 a majority interest of CXtec was acquired by an affiliate of H.I.G. Capital, providing an opportunity for further growth and expansion. CXtec founder William G. Pomeroy retired as CEO.

In 2017 CXtec acquired Atlantix Global Systems and became North America’s largest secondary hardware provider with extensive refurbishment, sourcing, distribution and maintenance service capabilities.

Redefine IT Strategies

“We believe our complete life cycle management offering is the smartest way for our customers to get the maximum return on their IT investment,” said Belyea. “It’s how we can best help them become more agile, resourceful and proactive.”

As the last forty years have indicated, progress, innovation, transformation, and expansion are all part of the company’s DNA and will continue to be in the future.

“In order to remain North America’s largest secondary hardware provider, we must continue to grow and evolve and help drive even more value to our customer’s business,” said Belyea. “As I say to our employees all the time, hold on because we aren’t done growing just yet!”