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Mfr. Part Number AE1001005
CXtec Part Number 203980
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The Bay Networks BayStack Access Node (AN) and Access Node Hub (ANH) routers cost-effectively connect small remote offices and ensure network availability while minimizing network operating costs. Typical connectivity requirements of remote offices are supported by the BayStack AN router's LAN interfaces (Ethernet and Token Ring) and serial interfaces (Synchronous, one T1/FT1 data service unit/channel service unit (DSU/CSU) or 56/64 Kbps DSU/CSU adapter module, and one ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI)). The fully managed BayStack ANH supports either eight or twelve 10BASE-T repeater ports, as well as Synchronous interfaces, one or two Synchronous and ISDN BRI interfaces, and one T1/FT1 DSU/CSU or 56/64 Kbps DSU/CSU adapter module, reducing equipment and management complexity.

In all BayStack AN and ANH configurations, the serial interfaces provide remote office network design flexibility. For mission-critical applications, they facilitate Dial Backup and Bandwidth-on-Demand support. In addition, Dial-on-Demand functionality enables a BayStack AN to extend network availability on an as-needed basis to small remote sites, minimizing WAN service costs. Optionally, Synchronous interfaces can be used for Synchronous Data Link Control (SDLC), allowing both IBM SNA and multiprotocol LAN traffic over one consolidated WAN link to the internetwork backbone. The BayStack AN and ANH easily integrate with the enterprise internetwork by supporting Bay Networks Routing Services (BayRS), which provides support for all major LAN and WAN protocols. The Motorola MC68360 microprocessor, used in the BayStack AN and ANH router's highly integrated design, easily maintains high forwarding and filtering rates regardless of the number of protocols and network interfaces used-even when processing SNMP management inquiries.

  • Manufacturer: NORTEL (See more products from NORTEL)
  • Mfr. Part #: AE1001005
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