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Mfr. Part Number 86H1886
CXtec Part Number 26876
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IBM Token-Ring 16/4 Network adapter listens to ring and senses whether the network is operating at 16 or 4Mbps and converts to correct speed. This simplifies network management and reduces setup time. Having adapters capable of both speeds allows you to migrate from 4-16 networks without reconfiguring the adapters. Automatic ring-speed selection prevents network downtime by assuring that the adapter inserts into the network at the correct speed. The Wake on LAN feature provides the capability to remotely power-on systems that support Wake on LAN by simply sending a wake-up frame over the LAN. This provides the ability to remotely upload/download data to/from the system during off-peak hours, without operator intervention.

LED's show the adapter's status without time-consuming and disruptive operations. RPL included standard - enables centralized configuration management, improves security, makes network growth easier and results in potential cost savings by downloading applications and data to both media and medialess workstations. It also makes it easy to update, control and maintain consistent IPL across the LAN. The adapter is fully compatible with the current IBM Auto 16/4 Token-Ring ISA Adapter, and previous IBM shared-RAM adapters. Choice of Plug and Play automated configuration or software configurable, with included graphic or command line tool, for fast and easy installation.

  • Manufacturer: IBM (See more products from IBM)
  • Mfr. Part #: 86H1886
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