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Mfr. Part Number 34L0701
CXtec Part Number 34687
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This Token-Ring 16/4 PCI adapter allows for higher speeds and increased network management. It supports redundant NIC.

This feature minimizes downtime due to adapter, cable, or connector failures in server connections. Two adapters share the same MAC address allowing traffic to be automatically switched to the backup adapter if a failure is detected on the primary adapter. Multiple pairs may be installed on a given server. The IBM LAN Adapter Management Agent has been updated to support Windows 95 and 98 and DMI 2.0. The agent provides both DMI and SNMP management of adapters. An SNMP-based management application is provided by IBM Nways Workgroup Manager for Windows NT Version 1.1.2, IBM's Nways Manager for AIX version 1.2.2, and IBM's Nways Manager for HP-UX Version 1.2. When used with management applications the agent allows end to end solutions for I/S managers needing to control LAN adapters in mission critical servers and workstations. When used with IBM's Multiprotocol Switching Services, Route Switching alleviates performance delays that may occur in router based networks by maintaining route information and completely avoiding over-burdened routers. The three new adapters also provide these benefits without requiring an MSS server, with the Route Switching Peer function. Class of service for IP Class of Service (CoS) for IP provides network managers the ability to assign a degree of importance to specific IP traffic, such as multimedia, being sent from an IP host. It preserves the degree of importance from the time it is assigned to the traffic all the way across the Token-Ring network to the final destination. Class of Service for IP has no dependencies on the application being used. It provides customers a solution for transporting traffic across a Token-Ring network at a consistently fast rate regardless of the amount of traffic on the network. The new device drivers conform to all industry standards and specifications and have been tested for compliance with both Novell and Microsoft driver logo requirements. The adapter meets the requirements of PC97, PC98, PC99, Server 98, and the Hardware Design for Microsoft Windows NT Server specifications. The adapters are designed to support ACPI power management, the OnNow version of Wake on LAN, and DHCP.

  • Manufacturer: IBM (See more products from IBM)
  • Mfr. Part #: 34L0701
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