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Mfr. Part Number DEWGF-MA
CXtec Part Number 11954
LIFETIME Warranty!


The DECbridge 90FL module is a fiber optic version of the DECbridge 90 product. It is a local Ethernet-to-Ethernet 10BaseFL/FOIRL-compliant bridge that combines reliability and high-performance in one compact module. Designed to link a departmental work group to the larger LAN backbone, it features 15-pin AUI and 10Base FL/FOIRL-compliant ST fiber optic backbone connections, and a ThinWire coax connector for work groups. In all other aspects, the DECbridge 90 and the DECbridge 90FL are exactly the same.

The DECbridge 90 filters 29,694 pps, and forwards 14,847 pps, allowing for quick access to local and remote traffic. It supports an unlimited number of nodes on the backbone side, and up to 200 addresses on the work group side. The DECbridge 90 can also filter up to 16 protocols in one or both directions. Work group communications stay local, with forwarding occurring only when packets need to be sent out on the network. Network transfer rates run at maximum Ethernet speed (10 Mb/s), enabling the DECbridge 90 to take advantage of the full Ethernet bandwidth. Operation is truly plug-and-play. The DECbridge 90 automatically configures itself for operation with any IEEE 802.1D spanning tree compliant bridge. It also automatically learns network addresses on the backbone and in the work group for overall network integrity.

  • Manufacturer: DIGITAL NETWORKS (See more products from DIGITAL NETWORKS)
  • Mfr. Part #: DEWGF-MA
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