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Mfr. Part Number DEFAR-MA
CXtec Part Number E-DECRPTR90FA
LIFETIME Warranty!


The DECrepeater 90FA module is ideally suited to support cost-effective backbone connectivity for DEChub-based configurations, and is designed to provide uninterrupted network operation by automatically identifying and isolating faulty ports. The DECrepeater 90FA module can be used as a Digital MultiStack System stackable or hub-based solution in the DEChub 90 chassis, or in the high-performance, technology independent Digital MultiSwitch 900 system. As a stackable hub, it provides a fiber optic link between two Ethernet LANs. It can also connect a standard Ethernet backbone and ThinWire segment. In DEChub 90 or Digital MultiSwitch 900 backplanes, the DECrepeater 90FA module supports point-to-point connection through fiber optic cable. The AUI port provides a low-cost thick wire backbone for hub-based applications.

When installed in the Digital MultiStack System or in a DEChub 90 chassis, the DECrepeater 90FA module is manageable locally or remotely using the DECrepeater 90TS, DECrepeater 90FS, or DECagent 90. When installed in a Digital MultiSwitch 900 system, the DECrepeater 90FA does not need additional hardware for local or remote management.

  • Manufacturer: DIGITAL NETWORKS (See more products from DIGITAL NETWORKS)
  • Mfr. Part #: DEFAR-MA
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