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Mfr. Part Number NM-1A-OC3MM
CXtec Part Number 213887
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Three new 155 Mbps ATM OC-3 network modules are available for the 3600 series with Cisco IOS release 12.0(3)T. These network modules support STS-3c and STM-1 framing standards over Multimode, Singlemode Intermediate reach, or Singlemode Long reach fiber optic interfaces. All three versions consist of a single-port network module with SC connector types that support ATM Forum standard AAL5 for data only traffic. Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and H.323 over ATM can also be supported with VBR-rt Class of Service using SVC`s with the currently available analog Voice/Fax network modules and Voice Interface Cards.

The OC-3 ATM network modules are only supported on the 3600 Series. 12.0(3)T or above Cisco IOS Plus feature sets are required to support the ATM network modules. A maximum of one ATM OC-3 network module is recommended on the 3660, 3640, or 3620. There are no additional Flash or DRAM memory requirements, other then minimum memory requirements specified for the Cisco IOS 12.0(3)T Plus feature sets. The ATM OC-3 network modules are ideal for connecting directly to ATM fiber Wide Area Network (WAN) at large remote Branch office sites to a central site via public or privately owned ATM WAN; or to provide LAN connectivity to a co-located Cisco ATM Switch. Voice over IP (VoIP) over ATM applications can be supported with VBR-rt Class of Service using SVCs and the currently available Voice/Fax network modules and Voice Interface Cards. Support is also provided for other advanced ATM Layer 2 features such as IETF PPP over ATM, Tag Switching, Multiprotocol over ATM (MPOA), and NHRP enhancing ATM performance for Enterprise and Service Providers alike.

This is a single port ATM OC-3 Multimode network module.

  • Manufacturer: CISCO (See more products from CISCO)
  • Mfr. Part #: NM-1A-OC3MM
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