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Mfr. Part Number 1200231L1
CXtec Part Number 222943
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The ADTRAN Dual OCU DP Module is an expansion module for the TSU Multiplexer family. Designed to provide full OCU DP operation for office applications, the module can be used to extend 64k DDS, Switched 56 or Frame Relay circuits up to 18, 000 feet from the multiplexer. For CPE applications, the Dual OCU DP module allows network administrators to cut network access charges and continues to support traditional DDS/SW56 requirements. The Dual OCU DP module can extend two switched 56 circuits to a conference room to support video-conferencing. The module can also be used to extend a 56k Frame Relay circuit to FSU located in a computer room. The flexibility of the TSU Multiplexer family allows Dual OCU DP operation with any of the existing modules for voice, data or routing.

The Dual OCU DP module is ideal for extending DSOs assigned over a service consolidating T1 circuit from a central access point. CLECs, LECs and IXCs can now use the TSU 600e Multiplexer to consolidate multiple clients' 56/64k-based services and maintain individual customer access. The TSU 600e, with the addition of the Dual OCU DP, can now support 24 individual OCU DP interfaces. The module is fully compliant with AT&T 62310 and 41458, allowing ease of integration and interoperability with existing OCU DP and end user CPE solutions. For testing and troubleshooting, the Dual OCU DP module contains many built-in test functions. Several test codes are supported, including channel, OCU and DSU loop-backs. Alternating and latching loop-backs are also embedded in the module.

  • Manufacturer: ADTRAN (See more products from ADTRAN)
  • Mfr. Part #: 1200231L1
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