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Mfr. Part Number 3C510502
CXtec Part Number 23074
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A single Network LANswitching Management Module (either 3C510502 or 3C510505) can be used to manage a stack of SuperStack II Hub TR hubs that are connected via Cascade Cables, but segmented into separate Token Ring LANs. This feature is useful when Token Ring switching is implemented via the CoreBuilder 6000 Token Ring Switching Module or SuperStack II Switch 2000 TR.

To enable the Roving RMON feature, connect the hubs via Cascade Cables and isolate the cascade interfaces via software using the RS-232 port of the Network LANswitching Management Module and/or the Transcend Network Management applications, or telnet. Slide-in LANswitching Management Modules on both 12 and 24-port models provide built-in network analyzer capabilities for your mission-critical Token Ring network. This analyzer function is based on the SNMP RMON MIB standard. RMON supplies a variety of statistics and services that provide network managers with the necessary tools to fully manage and control remote sites. RMON functions can be separated into three broad categories: maintaining performance-summary tables, capturing and filtering packets for later analysis, and generating alarms when predefined thresholds are breached. Performance summary tables describe network traffic, error rates and types, active user addresses, and user activity. The history tool constantly logs these detailed error and performance statistics for each station locally in the agent so that historical analysis information can be uploaded from any network management station, even after a fault occurs. Packet capture and storage of LAN-analysis statistics in the agent allow a remote manager to selectively filter and review packet traffic from the managed network. Captured packets can be uploaded to the manager and saved to disk as Network General Sniffer files for more detailed analysis by other tools.

  • Manufacturer: 3COM (See more products from 3COM)
  • Mfr. Part #: 3C510502
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