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CXtec’s equal2new® Nortel Equipment – Everything else is just used Nortel

We're the trusted, supported choice for both new and used Nortel switches, routers and phones. And because it’s equal2new®, you can rely on your used Nortel equipment to perform. Every used Nortel switch, router and phone has undergone a rigorous certification and testing process, and is backed by a lifetime warranty with first year advance replacement.

CXtec Nortel Continued Support Program - Here to support your Nortel investment for the long haul

CXtec has been in the networking business for more than three decades - we've supported Nortel Networks/Bay Networks/SynOptic customers for over 15 years, and we partnered with Nortel for over ten years (as a Nortel Premium Advantage Partner). What does this mean to you? It means that despite the recent sale of Nortel to Avaya and the uncertainty that surrounds the future of the Nortel data and voice product lines, you have a partner in CXtec that's here to support your investment in Nortel for years to come. That's what our Nortel Continued Support Program is all about.

With our Nortel Continued Support Program, you can rest assured that any Nortel investment you make today, or have made in the past, will be protected and supported for the life of your equipment. Our Nortel-trained engineers and network design staff ensure that we have the comprehensive experience and expertise to provide both new and legacy products to help you maintain your Nortel platform from now into the distant future. With this current state of flux, you need the assurance that comes with selecting the only vendor in the game that maintains a $20 million inventory of everything from Bay Networks switching to the latest and greatest BCM products.

Everything You Want When Purchasing Used Nortel

Nortel Continued Support Program

Our comprehensive experience and expertise with Nortel means you can continue to maintain and support your existing Nortel platform with certainty.

Lifetime equal2new® Warranty

Lifetime warranty on all equal2new Nortel products plus first year advance replacement gives you unrivaled peace of mind.

Expertise On Multi-Generational Offerings

All your pre-purchase technical questions are answered by our highly knowledgeable tech support professionals.

We Pay Top Dollar For Surplus Nortel Equipment

We offer cash, credit or trade for used networking and voice hardware, including Nortel switches, Nortel routers and Nortel phones.

Huge Inventory - BayStack to Leading Edge

$20M of equal2new Nortel data equipment in stock and ready to ship today.

RapidCare® next-business-day advance replacement

The quickest, most reliable option to eliminate downtime and guarantee your hardware is back up and running in a hurry.

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