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4 Things You Should Never Buy Used...and 1 You Definitely Should

This post follows the same theme as Friday's post regarding the concept of "used." The word used, by definition, means that something has been previously owned or utilized. In some circumstances it makes sense to be wary of buying things that have already been used by others. Several news articles claim that cribs, car seats, bike helmets and mattresses - to name a few - are all best purchased in brand new condition to ensure quality and safety. While some of the items on these lists are up for debate to savvy shoppers, we wanted to highlight a few items that under any circumstance should probably not be purchased used (and we are 99.51% serious).

    1. Chewing Gum

      Unless you're Buddy the Elf and it's your first time in a world other than the North Pole, it is not likely that used chewing gum (also known as ABC, or Already Been Chewed, gum) is something you should be trying. It's best to splurge and get yourself a fresh pack.

      Elf   Gum

    1. Toothbrushes

      This is not recommended for a number of reasons, but most obviously for sanitary purposes. Unless you're using them to clean your bathroom or polish your shoes...just don't.


    1. Bacon-flavored Lip Balm

      Similar to toothbrushes, used lip balm isn't the most sanitary idea. Plus, anything involving bacon is precious enough to be yours - and only yours (but we're not vouching for taste).

      Bacon Lip Balm

    1. Toilet Paper


      Shocked Face

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