RapidCare – Network Hardware Maintenance. Hardware Replacement Services.

RapidCare® - The next-business-day answer for ultimate system uptime

With RapidCare® from CXtec, you get next-business-day advance network hardware replacement for your technology. It's simply one of the most cost-effective, reliable options to guarantee your hardware is protected and up and running in a flash. And if speed and reliability alone aren't enough, RapidCare can also help you save money.

Using RapidCare typically costs customers as much as 50% less than OEM sponsored maintenance programs.

This makes it the smart financial choice as well. It's another way CXtec provides Technology @ Your Pace®, long after our equipment arrives at your doorstep.

Why RapidCare?

Save Money with a Hybrid Support Solution

Today, many organizations are seeing huge increases in their IT spending. With such financial strain on their budgets, many are even opting out of support contracts. A risky choice when there are alternative solutions available.

OEM service contracts ordinarily don't come with other maintenance support options – but that doesn't mean they aren't available. SMARTnet is a great replacement program with countless options, but you might be paying a premium price for features you don't really use or need – especially if the hardware you’re supporting is end-of-life/end-of-sale. At what point does SMARTnet, or any OEM maintenance program, reach its point of diminishing returns?

Knowing your options is key when it comes to saving money. It’s all about finding the right balance for your business needs, and there are many reliable alternative solutions that will save operating expense (OPEX) budget to acquire the support you need.

Why not use a hybrid solution of OEM support and third-party maintenance to get the coverage you need? You could put SMARTnet on your core switches and use RapidCare on the edge. The options are limitless – and so is the savings!

Spares Program & Secondary Market

There are a number of benefits the secondary market can bring to your organization. Many organizations have turned to third-party maintenance for the ability to blend a hybrid solution built around their specific network requirements. We offer our RapidCare maintenance program at up to 50% less than OEM maintenance program to keep your costs down for unplanned equipment failure.

Implementing a hybrid maintenance program to protect your hardware is a wise decision. In the event you need a quick and reliable backup plan for your mission-critical hardware, CXtec can provide you with the unique opportunity to implement a program to acquire hot, swappable spares at your disposal - without the high costs. What’s our secret? With our equal2new® certified pre-owned hardware, you get top quality refurbished equipment at a fraction of the cost.

The secondary market provides value that’s unbeatable. Our testing process on every piece of equal2new equipment ensures that you receive top quality with a lifetime warranty and advance replacement for the first year, and the reliability rating for equal2new hardware is 99.51% or higher.

To read about real-world examples of how a spares program and hybrid support can work, click here.

Consider a Hybrid Maintenance Solution

We understand that your job is evaluated largely on your ability to do two things well, minimize downtime, and keep costs low. That’s why we’re here to help. Check out all of the features and advantages of our RapidCare maintenance program and see how a hybrid solution will allow you to get the support your business and budget needs.

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