RapidCare – Network Hardware Maintenance. Hardware Replacement Services.

RapidCare®: The next-business-day answer for ultimate system uptime

With RapidCare® from CXtec, you get next-business-day advance network hardware replacement for your technology. It's simply the quickest, most reliable option to guarantee your hardware is up and running in a flash. And if speed and reliability alone aren't enough, RapidCare can also help you save money.

Using RapidCare typically costs customers as much as 50% less than OEM sponsored maintenance programs.

This makes it the smart financial choice as well. It's another way CXtec provides Technology @ Your Pace®, long after our equipment arrives at your doorstep.

RapidCare offers you guaranteed next-business-day delivery of your product, ensuring it's there when you need it.

This is ideal for those situations where keeping on-site spares is simply not an option. Our equal2new® equipment makes having a spares program easy and affordable, but for the times when this isn't viable, RapidCare has you covered. CXtec will handle your inventory management for you.

With RapidCare, your hardware is readily deployable to any location you need it overnight. You can then use this cost and time savings to bolster other areas of your network.

Not only does RapidCare provide you peace of mind, but we also offer free shipping on both inbound and outbound products. And on top of all this, you have the extensive knowledge and expertise of CXtec's experienced technical support team behind you. So don't worry about your hardware - RapidCare is at the ready! To find out more, view our RapidCare Hardware Replacement PDF or check out all the features and advantages of RapidCare.

Why RapidCare®

20 years of the best used network hardware


At up to 90% off list, equal2new is the ideal alternative to new or used networking equipment and voice hardware.


High performance connectivity solutions. It's how we make your network...work.

Sell Us Your Gear

We'll buy your used network hardware and business phones - and no one pays more.


Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, Mitel and more - get the phones you need without blowing your budget.

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