CXtec’s Technology Center helps us explore different technologies and provide quality solutions.

Technology Exploration and Conference Center

Discovering creative ways to provide you with Technology @ Your Pace®

To help our customers create unique solutions to fit their growing business needs, as well as their individualized budgets and time frames, CXtec has built a multi-technology, multi-manufacturer demonstration center known as the Technology Exploration and Conference Center.

We know you’re tasked with finding creative ways to stretch your technology budget. A technology partner has to be willing and able to understand your circumstances and provide technologies that can help you be flexible and adaptable in your IT infrastructure. CXtec is that partner and it’s our job to provide you with solutions that feature several generations and/or manufacturers in the mix. That’s where our Technology Exploration and Conference (tec) Center comes into play.

Exploration of Technology for Your Benefit

The tec Center is used for hands-on interoperability and proof-of-concept testing. It’s equipped with products from a number of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers and includes technologies from legacy to leading edge, including VoIP, wireless, and security.

The tec Center helps facilitate our comprehensive understanding of all generations of technology and allows us to effectively incorporate both legacy and leading edge technologies into our multi-vendor and multi-product mix. With the tec Center covering your back, you can rest assured you’re getting solutions that will work well for your infrastructure. We’ll take the guesswork out of your technology purchase, and replace it with peace of mind.

See for yourself – check out our tec Center webcam.


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